Races Reports

Mob In Mohave Bootleg Canyon
Feb 13-15
Boulder City, NV

       Bootleg Canyon is quite the place to learn a new bike. It has the most
unforgiving terrain I have ever ridden, with rocks that have taken more skin than
most plastic surgeons, and two of my ACL’s. That’s right, I have blown both
knees there. That being said, I was super stoked to go to the first event this year
with all Vixen’s in attendance. Darian was just coming for the photo shoot
Saturday night, but we all had an awesome time together. This really is an
amazing group of ladies, and the group dynamic is about as perfect as a Corona
on a hot day at the beach.

Everyone was stoked on their new TLD gear and Kali helmets, both of
which, in addition to our purple Shockers’ were the talk of the event. We were in
photos with just about everyone until our smiles hurt. And that was before our
scheduled shoot! Our new stickers made the bikes look even better than they
did previously, and they really stand out in photos. They made the bikes! More
on the photo shenanigans later…

Jackie signed up for all three events, and being the only pro lady and
qualifying faster than the expert men, while sharing a bike with her husband,
decided not to humiliate the guys and instead practice Super D. She not only
smoked her competition, who happened to be Linden Lane, Pro XC racer and
Super D champ, and her teammate Joy, also Super D champ, but she was one
of the ONLY racers to do the race on a full DH bike. The course has some
sections with very abrupt uphills which most riders run up, but Jackie pedaled
each time. Joy also had the fasted speed trap time for the ladies, and was just
behind the fastest guy. We all got in some good DH practice and team bonding
that day, as well as way too many flat tires. I was the only one who didn’t
because I am TUBELESS. And I got it out of the way last week.

Saturday night commenced with our photo shoot. In order to envision this,
you first need to understand where we are staying; I booked what I thought was
an inexpensive “apartment.” This is a nice way of saying you can live here if you
want too. We were the only people who actually rented for the weekend. There
was blood on the mattress, none of the power worked and the doorknob was
broken. And to top if all off, as I was pre-apologizing for the dismal sleeping
conditions to Darian, she said that as long as it was better than the place she
stayed last year, which gave her scabbies, she was fine. As we pulled in, she
whispers, “ps. This is the place.” They were generous enough to give us the
room above for photos, which we kind of destroyed, but it did have blood on the
walls and beer caps on the ceiling before we got there. We only added a Tecate
can to the ceiling mural. Fortunately I had purchased something that doubled for
a backdrop and photoshop can do wonders for the microbes of syphilis that
definitely seeped into the frame. The next few hours consisted of some poses,
some jumps, some Jack Daniels (except for your’s truly), a bike or two, and a
pyramid. We also did way too many shocker signs. Andy from Bluefire is
definitely scarred for life, but the end result was awesome. We all clean up pretty
well, and personalities are definitely evident.

Sunday morning began the third consecutive day of epic Bootleg riding,
and the angel wings on our jerseys were flying all over that hill. The trail was
epic, and was for pros only. Three days with no wind here is pretty amazing, as
the wind is suicide to ride in. There were some really high speed G-outs and
some pretty techy sections. Jackie’s motto the entire weekend was “here to win”
and she was. She had already dominated the podium. After the first run, she
was 2 seconds off from Melissa Buhl. No one ever gets that close to Buhly. Joy
had flated, and I had gone so fast into a G-out on my supersonic Shocker that I
wrecked. Also all weekend there were red flags at the bottom by a drop. I had
heard this was the finish, and had been told as much. As I came through, I
stopped, dropped the bike and went to sit down. Cheese Houseman (Rich’s dad)
yells, “Christine, what are you doing?” I quickly realized my blonde moment and
cruised to the finish. I lost easily 30 seconds, and was shocked to see that I was
in 4th behind Tasa. We all went up for a second run 2.5 hours later, and we all
had our fingers crossed that Jackie would take down The Buhl. She did succeed
in beating Buhly’s first run, but Melissa made up a few more seconds. My
second run was sloppy, as all the time on top made my little tummy scream for
food, but I took 3rd and Tasa 4th, Joy 6th. Jackie won the Queen of the Mountain
award for the weekend, and is the reigning Queen of Bootleg, having won all
events of the past few races there. She and her husband were also on the race
poster, as well as our number plates.

I know that the Cove’s are specked with different forks, but the combo of
Elka and Dorado is the best fit I have ever ridden. It is like they were meant for
each other. There was virtually no fine tuning to get them to the same speed,
and the bike just floated through and accelerated through every rough section
with ease. Both have a smooth, linear and predicable feel. My bike is currently
36.5 pounds, and is definitely the sweetest looking machine out there. I put on
new Schwalbe rubber before the race, knowing that this place eats tires.
Everyone needs new tires after racing here. Everyone except those on
Schwabe’s, that is. Mine look brand new. Even with all of the flats that all but
yours truly acquired, our Atomlab rims were as straight as a Catholic school girl
on Sunday. Buhly also said she wanted to be on our team to be able to wear our
cute kits and helmets!

As if the weekend couldn’t get any better, a girl came up to me on Sunday
and asked if I had lost a glove the weekend before in Fontana. I am no longer
the gloveless one!!! Just when you thought I had no more Micheal Jackson
references, I did have the entire week to think of more: sorry, I Can’t Help it! Oh
purple TLD gloves, even though I thought We Were Just Good Friends, I Just
Can’t Stop Loving You! I Remember the Time I lost you, I was left to chose
another pair. Would it be Black or White? I knew someone had to have you, but
Who Could It Be? You were Gone Too Soon, but I just had to Keep the Faith. I
just Can’t Let Her Get Away! It sure is Dangerous riding with one glove.
Suddenly this Liberian Girl told me to Hold Out Your Hand, and I found The Lady
in my Life. Me and my purple gloves, For All Time.

Thank you sponsors, You Rock My World!!!

All right, that will be the last one, I promise.

JUST IN: Tasa had quite the adventure on her way home; as she was driving
north on 395 at around 3 am she noticed that there was no reflection off of her
bikes in the rearview. She turned around and all bikes, wheels, gear and tires
were gone. After some panicked U-turns across the highway, she found two kind
motorists, one of which was standing at one hardly banged up Cove. The other
told her where the rest of her stuff was strewn. When she went on a retrieval
mission, her bike was no where to be found. After an hour of searching, she saw
a green glimmer off in the bushes. If anyone had questioned why in the world she
had bright green cranks, they sure wouldn’t now! Both bikes were 98% okay, but
her brand new gold Pimp Lite rims would never see dirt again. And two
Schwalbe’s took one for the team.