Races Reports

Fontana Winter Series #3
Feb 06-07
Fontana, CA

      The pounding rain lulled me to sleep Friday night. We had finished putting my new purple Shocker together, and my son decided he finally wanted to ride his bike. He has had one for about 2 years (he is 3) and has had no interest whatsoever. We were pretty shocked when he picked it up and began ripping around the house. Watching trials on youtube is what did it. We told him about the kids' race, and he was pumped. The peaceful monotone of the rain did little to quell the pouncing toddler on my chest bright and early the next morning, waking us to go to the race. After many check-ins on the weather channel and with riders already out there, we decided to take our time. There was another storm moving in later in the day, and I swear we were stuck under it the entire 120 mile trip East. We arrived in Fontucky to find a lake in the place where the parking lot had previously been located. I am not kidding. Beyond my kid wading out in the totally toxic Fontana lake is the shopping cart floating. Yes, a full size shopping cart.

All right on to the racing portion of this race report! The course was AWESOME! | have to hand it to Don Jackson, the last few courses have been the best I have ever seen there, and I have been racing there for years. There were many splits, technical and steep rocky chutes, a little step down, some high speed, and of course, the wall. Joy had been out there all day and felt pretty good on the course by the time I got there, so we only did one run together. I did a couple more to get used to my new ride, and was super stoked to find that it handled so much easier than my Sunday, had no brake jack  hatsoever, and carried serious speed through all the rocks and dove into corners. The linkage system provides super smooth travel in the rear. lt is hands down the best bike I have ever ridden. The Dorado is awesome as well. lt is super light while providing enough flex to be nimble and enough stiffness to be super stable. I was also really impressed with the linear progression through the travel. lt did not ramp up as some other forks can. My bike looked sweet, felt sweet, and I got loads of comments. And it was sub 40, with my heaviest components on it. I expecthat after tonights' midnight wrenching session, it will be about 37. This is before the Ti spring.

Sunday morning didn't treat me very well. Joy and I started out with Leigh Donovan, who must be the most mellow and down to Earth superstar on the face of the planet. I decided she is my hero. That being said, I lost one of my beloved purple TLD rhinestone gloves on my first push up. Herein I will be making way too many MJ gloved-one references. Be warned. I practiced in true Black and White fashion with my single, sparkly glove. Then, feeling like the Smooth Criminal I am, tried to ride Off the Wall and took a Bad crash. Then two more. These really got into my head, and I had to spend some time with the [wo]Man in the Mirror. Joy was having great runs, Leigh was killing it, and I was feeling like a kid re-learning ABC's. I had broken the roller cage on my derailleur, ripped out the cable, landed on both knees which contain surgically installed ACL's, and really wanted to Scream. I pushed to the top of my race run trying to Remember the Time of better race days, and with serious Butterfly's in my tummy. I knew I had to just attack the course and Beat lt, and I knew the other girls would Wanna Be Starting Something (yeah I know that was cheesy, but had to be included). I felt pretty solid in the top, then heard the painful sound of air leaving my tire. The ride down was quite a Thriller as I had to just go with it and slide all over. I felt like a Dancing Machine just completely relaxing and going with the drift. lt was actually pretty fun. And then I had to run. That wasn't so fun. I crossed the finish line in a whopping 7:36 in a 2.5 minute course, but had a few conversations with some sponsors on the way down, thank you SDG.

Joy killed it as she always does here and took 2no behind Leigh. We are on our way to Bootleg Canyon next, and will be doing an awesome photo shoot there with Andy from Bluefire, our newest members and newest components. Our new KaliAatma helmets are awesome, and the lightest and most comfortable thing ever. I apologize for the rampant MJ references. lf this really bothered you, You are not alone...

Thank you all for yoqr continued support