Races Reports

Fontana Winter Series #1
Jan 09-10
Fontana, CA

The first winter series race of the 2010 season. I planned to race both 4X and Downhill, that was my mistake. Everyone said the DH was a tame course, and I have to say I agree to an extent. The course was tricky. There were some difficult corners and a couple sections I needed to spend some time on. I got in three practice runs on Saturday, I should have done 5 or 6 and ironed out some sections I was struggling to connect. It was a typical Fontana course, loose, rutted and slippery. I forget what it is like to ride in that type of terrain except when I race at Fontana.

Sunday arrived sooner than I expected, I completed 2 practice runs in the morning and did not feel ready to race. Saturday I spent more time on the 4X course than I planned and that took away from my Downhill race.

As I started out of the gate on the “go” with my heart thumping wildly, I tried to focus on the exit of the corners, and the “tricky” sections of the course. I got hung up midway down the course in an area I was struggling with in practice. As I tried to get going again I knew I had lost time. I pedaled as hard as I could through the lower section, knowing I had lost time in a crucial spot. As I came across the finish, my lungs were burning and my legs felt like they were going to collapse I knew I had tried to make up for the lost time. I think I did. Christine completed a great race run and came in second place. I came in fourth, but not far off of her second. I knew I was in the mix.

I like racing Fontana because it is great training for the season, it also helps me work out bugs and learn better racing techniques. No matter how the race goes, I do come out with a great experience I can take with me to bigger races later in the season.

I got more compliments on the Troy Lee Kits that possibly imaginable. Everybody loved them. I wore my new TLD pressure suit also. WOW! Super comfy, it is the best fitting pressure suit I have every used. My Camelbak kept me hydrated during the weekend and my Muddy Mary’s tracked through the deep loose dirt just like the mud. My Kali helmet is super comfy and tons of compliments on it, again. The helmet fits well and it feels good knowing I have the best protection for my head.

I want to give a big thanks to all of our Vixen Racing Sponsors, Thank you!