Team Member Bios

Jackie Harmony
Birthday: March 7, 1978

Height: 5'6

Weight: 145 lbs.

Years Riding: 10

Years Racing: 9

Favorite Food:
Cornbread Pizza

Favorite Music:
wide variety

Riding History:

I rode bikes a lot as a kid.  I had a blue Schwinn with
a sparkle blue banana seat and I also rode my brother’s BMX bike.  When
I was 11, I got my first mountain bike and rode that for a little while.
When I was 12, I moved from British Columbia to Tucson Arizona and sold
my Mountain Bike, since there wasn’t anywhere for me to ride, so I
thought.  I was 21 before I rode a bike again and I fell in love with
it.  The place I thought had nowhere to ride has some of the sweetest
and gnarliest trails out there.

Other sports competed in: x-country running, track & field, off-road

Strongest qualities as a racer: I have the mental capabilities to ride
the rough, rocky sections fast, hit all the big jumps smooth and pedal

Goals as a racer: My goals are to be National Champ, World Cup Champ and
World Champ.  I am in it to win it.

Goals in life: Continuously being a better rider, whether it is dirt
jumping, Downhill or cross country.  In the near future I will be an in
demand Better Ride coach, teaching people riding technique. Always being
there for my husband, dog and in the future, my children.
Influences:  There are many people who influence me and it is really
hard to pinpoint one, but I would have to say Lisa Myklak.  When I first
started racing I would look at the Pro women results and her name would
stick out.  I always compared my times to her.  When I started racing
pro, she was amazing to ride with and learn from, not to mention the
great battles we have.  She is a real rider who has the confidence to
ride everything to the fullest.  She is also an exceptional dirt jumper,
which is another big influence for  me.

Outside of racing:  About 4 years ago I fell in love with Dirt Bikes.  I
would say that off-road riding is my favorite, but Track riding is still
tons of fun.

Dirt jumping is another favorite of mine.  I have not learned any tricks
yet, but someday I will learn that tailwhip that I have dreamed of for
so long.

19th 2006 World Championships
2 x MSC Gravity Series Champ
2 x Crankworx DH Champ
2 x 12 hr DH Champ