Team Member Bios

Tasa Herndon
Birthday: July 29, 1976

Height: 5'9

Weight: 137

Years Riding: 9

Years Racing: 5

Favorite Food:
ice-cream, cheese and pizza

I lived my first 18 years in Vancouver, Washington, where my mom was a flight attendant and out of town every week, leaving life’s responsibilities for my brother and me to attend.  When I was 10 years old, I learned a bike was a very important tool to have when you want to go to piano lessons, softball, soccer and swimming practice. After high school I took my commuting skills to college.  My Freshman year I attended the University of Colorado but I inherited my mom’s traveling bug and ventured off to Africa; where the people are the “BOB Trailers” in their amazing sense of balance and strength while commuting on a bike.  I then tended school in Australia and afterwards headed off to Europe to travel and attend the University of Pau in France. There is no exaggerating when people tell you how advanced many European countries are in their high regards for bicycles.  It is definitely an eye opener and an admiration. I began my Senior Thesis in France but would finish it in Park City, Utah, where I decided to relax and be a ski bum. After one winter in Utah, and retrieving a degree from the University of Oregon, I set off to spend a summer in sunny California, Lake Tahoe.  I was introduced to mountain bikes the following summer, and have been hooked and residing in Tahoe ever since.  Within Tahoe’s bicycling community I help in trail building and maintenance. I also set up Women’s rides, through Sierra Cycle Works, to get the ladies out and dirty. Around the community I have been seen in the Tahoe Quarterly’s Special Edition as a representative for Tahoe’s Mountain Biking, in the local Tahoe Tribune and in an ad representing Northstar at Tahoe.  I bought my first Hardtail mountain bike the summer of 2001.  In January of 2005 I raced my first mountain bike race in Bootleg Canyon.  The summer of 2007 I would buy an art framing business and become a Pro Mountain bike racer. The fun has begun and now there’s no turning back.




2008 NMBS Finals - DH - 3rd
2009 Shastarama - DH - 1st
2009 Race4Tara - Super D. - 4th
2009 Undefeated in Northstar @ Tahoe DH series
2009 Rock Shox Golden State Champion - DH - 1st
2009 Rock Shox Golden State Championship - 4X - 2nd
2009 Kamikaze Legend - DH - 1st