Team Member Bios

Darian Harvey
Birthday: July 27, 1982

Years Riding: 13

Years Racing: 7

Favorite Food:

I grew up in a small town in Northern California right where the Redwood trees meet the vineyards.  Ukiah was not a super fun place to grow up, but it had its moments.  My sister and I used to go up north to Arcata to visit our cousins from time to time, and in that gray, overcast town is where I met the love of my life. 


It was 1992 and my cousin Chris had just purchased a new bicycle.  It was a red TREK Antelope 830 and had an A.M.P fork on it (quite the upgrade back then).  Chris was nice enough to let me ride it around his yard a few times, and during those few awkward laps I fell in love.   From that moment on, I immersed myself in the cycling industry, learning all that I could.  I subscribed to Mountain Bike Action for years even though I didn’t own a bike yet.   I read all about people like Missy Giove, Anne Carroline-Chausson, Miles Rockwell, Mike King, Julie Furtado, Elke Brutsaert, and many others.  It seemed like they lived fairytale lives; riding and racing bikes for a living all over the world.  Once I realized that something like that was possible, I wanted to live that life too. 


Now more than 15 years later, I have been lucky enough to ride and race my bike in some pretty amazing places all over the US as well as in Canada, Austria, and Scotland for the World Championships back in 2007.   This year I hope to add to that list by racing in several World Cups to qualify for the World Champs again. 


I am very excited to be a part of the Vixen Racing Team for 2010!!  The US needs to regain some dominance in international Elite Women’s racing, and I feel that Vixen Racing will be on the forefront of that effort.  Our sponsors our amazing and very supportive, and I feel that if women support and push each other, we can grow as riders and individuals and help our sport progress in a positive direction.  Look out for some FAST Vixens in 2010!!


Off the bike, I can be found working at Mountain Bike Specialists in Durango, CO where I currently reside with my sweet beasty Sofi.  She is a hot little blue-eyed blonde with gorgeous fur and a sassy husky attitude.  She is probably going to do a lot of traveling with me this year, so keep a look out for cutest dog EVER!  Ok, enough about my dog.  Other off the bike activities include reading, movies, hiking, torturing myself at the gym, and hanging with my friends. 



2009 Pro GRT Downhill Series Champ
2009 Pro GRT 4X Series Champ
2009 Colorado State Pro Women’s DH Champ
1st place- 09 Windham Pro GRT DH
1st place- 09 Windham Pro GRT 4X
1st place – 09 Snowmass Pro GRT DH
19th place 09 UCI World Cup, Schladming Austria DH
17th place 09 UCI World Cup, Bromont Canada DH
19th place 09 UCI World Cup, Monte Sainte Anne Canada DH
2008 National Mountain Bike Downhill Series Champ